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OCD-Studios is responsible for all posters, banners, and graphics of Bears in Excess. Check them out! We’d like to thank all the models and photographers who have allowed us to use their pictures. Poster ilustrations (2016/17): Daniel Mainé

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Photographers: Woofioso Photography, Vinicius Pequeno, Gianorso, Bears in Excess, Bears Works Studio.
Models: Franco Pastura, Master Chuck’s boy ian, Woofioso, Bearonbloor2, Todd, Carlo, Mateo 416, Alien Albear, James Owlbelight, Bubba & Krypto.
Caricature Chubs at the Tubs Fall Edition: Hemeterio.

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  1. I was wondering if I could be a model for you guys? I’m chubby, hairy all around bear with a few piercings and I love my body and my boyfriend does too lol

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