Spa Excess

Hot-TUbThe mission statement of “SPA EXCESS INC.” is “to provide a unique and upscale multipurpose Spa for men in a safe and healthy environment”. We are the “safe sex” Spa.

Spa Excess is in the hospitality business; manifested in its amenities, cleanliness, safety and superior service, and optional membership, which of course will come with its privileges.

The primary purpose is to provide a healthy approach to meeting our customers’ needs and expectations. Like many European Spas , Spa Excess is more social than other North American Baths. This is achieved by providing more and different amenities in a friendlier welcoming environment.

For pricing and specials, please visit their website at

Spa Excess is the new “indoor town square,” a place where men are able to meet on a social and sensuous level.

105 Carlton Street
Toronto, Ontario Canada
M5B 1M1
Phone: (416) 260-2363
Toll Free: 1-877-867-3301

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