Benjamin Koll 54 Birthday Special this Sat, Oct 23

Saturday, October 23, Benjamin Koll celebrates his birthday on Youtube with “54 (a Birthday Special)” a special concert show featuring 10 songs. An event with music, remixed videos, performances, special guests, and lots of glitters.

Written, directed, and edited by Benjamin, produced by him and Jose Spinnin Cortes, and shot on the last week of September 2021, the show also features new footage and special never seen versions of some of his most watched videos, starring himself and (In order of appearance): Jose Spinnin Cortes, Jeremy Morse, Naya Quetzal, Brandon White, Farit Abdala, Leviatan & Galo.

Check it out this Saturday for the premiere here:

Visit his website for more information and also to buy his albums and merchandise:

We had a great chat with Benjamin Koll last year. Watch it here:

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