Thank you in excess!

The year is ending so we would like to take this moment to recognize everyone who makes these events as great as they are. First of all, Roger and the rest of the Spa Excess staff, for allowing us to have our events here. Then, of course, there is Dan Charette, who took over hosting while... Continue Reading →

Chubs at the Tubs this Sunday, Nov 28

This Sunday, November 28th, from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm, come down to Spa Excess, located at 105 Carlton St, we will have our last Chubs at the Tubs for 2021. Don’t forget to pick up a complimentary lube packet from Spunk Lube, Bears in Excess’s Lube of choice, at the table in the lounge. We will also be serving sandwiches around 3:30 pm at which time... Continue Reading →

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