BEARS IN EXCESS / Sun AUG 15 @ Spa Excess

Finally, we have something to celebrate! After a long break, we will restart our widely popular Bears in Excess event at Spa Excess.  It will be the first Bears in Excess since January 2020 and will take place on Sunday, August 15th, between 1 to 6 pm at Spa Excess, located at 105 Carlton St., in Toronto.For this first event, unfortunately, Spa Excess didn't make discounts available, so we... Continue Reading →

JUANI CARDILLO: from ARGENTINA to the WORLD | The BEARS in EXCESS Show Eric and Christian talk to Juani Cardillo, a singer, and songwriter based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Juani talks about his career, music, music videos, being gay in a Latin American country, and more. Juani recently released his new EP called “Experimento”, which includes four new songs. Visit his channel Music videos courtesy of... Continue Reading →

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