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From the makers of Bears in Excess and Chubs at the Tubs, we are the Fluffies! Eric is from Montreal, Canada, and Christian is from Santos, Brazil. We met online on December 10, 2000, and Christian moved to Toronto so we could be together in 2002. We got married in June 2003. Guess when... Continue Reading →


We have good and bad news! The good ones are that the refurb of Spa Excess after the fire in early February is basically done. They were going to reopen on March 23rd. The bad news is that according to the Spa Excess website, "the priority for everyone right now is public safety. Social distancing... Continue Reading →

We had a sit-down with some of the Ottawa Bears members to talk about their weekend. The Ottawa Bears came down to the last Bears in Excess of 2019, at Spa Excess, in Toronto, Canada, to promote their Mr. Ottawa Bear 2020 Weekend. Eric, one of the organizers of Bears in Excess, will be a... Continue Reading →

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