The cook, storyteller, author, and bear JONATHAN BARDZIK | The BEARS in EXCESS SHOW

Eric and Christian chat with Jonathan Bardzik, a storyteller cook, and author living in Washington, DC, with his husband Jason. They chatted about his career, food, his books, life in general, bears, and more. Jonathan has appeared in front of more than 750 audiences. He appears regularly on ABC, CBS, and FOX morning shows.... Continue Reading →

The Fluffies Channel

From the makers of Bears in Excess and Chubs at the Tubs, we are the Fluffies! Eric is from Montreal, Canada, and Christian is from Santos, Brazil. We met online on December 10, 2000, and Christian moved to Toronto so we could be together in 2002. We got married in June 2003. Guess when... Continue Reading →

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