A huge success!

Woof!! Our first Chubs of the Tubs of 2012 was a huge success. We had 120 people from all over, including Minneapolis, Hamilton, Brazil, New York, just to name a few. We had a good turnout in our watermelon eating contest, with 5 contestants.

A special thanks goes out to the great staff at Spa Excess, Tony for taking care of the delicious BBQ, our helpful volunteer Dan, and Longo’s on Bloor for donating the juicy watermelons in the Watermelon Eating Contest as well as $100 worth of prizes, and Chubvideos.com, Stag Shop, Shock-Ra, Bearwear International, Bearwww.com, for donating some amazing prizes.

Our next Bears in Excess event will be co-hosted with our bear friend in Hamilton, the Steel City Bears, and will take place on August 19th.

Look for more information soon.

Our next Chubs at Tubs will be on Sunday, September 30th, so don’t forget to pencil it.

See you there!


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