DOM/sub Relationships with Master Tony at Leather Edition – Tuesday, February 4

Great news! We are glad to announce that Master Tony will once again by a speaker at our next Leather Edition of Bears in Excess. He will be giving a talk about DOM/sub Relationships.

The DOM/sub relationship is a unique dynamic, and the dynamic is unique from individual to individual. Not to be confused as role play, the DOM/sub relationship is a genuine relationship between people based on Trust, Honor & Respect.

There are many facets to a DOM/sub relationship, and we will discuss what they may be and how they are incorporated and lived out.

Just as each individual is unique in their own rite, what they bring to the DOM/sub relationship is as individual and unique as they are, and we can see how that works through negotiation, honesty and a solid understanding of the path that is being taken.

DOM/sub relationships are based on power exchange, and we’ll look at what that actually means. DOM/sub relationships can be called MASTER/slave, SIR/boy, DADDY/boy or simply TOP/bottom.

So see you on Tuesday, February 4th at Spa Excess. The talk will take place in room 917.

Bears in Excess: Leather Edition is a fun way to relax after a long and hard (pardon the pun) day at work. Although the event is called Bears in Excess: Leather Edition, it is mainly an event for people into leather, fetishes, and kink, but anyone is welcome to just come and have a good time.

More info about Master Tony at

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