What a great success!

Wow! We broke our record at today’s CHUBS AT THE TUBS!

There were 184 guys at today’s event, the biggest number ever. And we had many out-of-towners. Two came from as far away as Italy, while others traveled from Montreal, Chicago, Windsor, Ft. Erie, Kitchener, Hamilton, Cambridge, just to name but a few. We also would like to thank HeftyNet for supporting the event and donating prizes for the Twister Competition.

As well as our friends from Windsor Steve, Bear and James who donated the Twister board game to us. Once again, we would like to thank Woofioso, our current model for the CHUBS AT THE TUBS: SPRING EDITION and Chuck from OCD-Studios for his wonderful graphics that can be seen in our posters.

And finally, a big thanks goes out to the awesome staff at Spa Excess for taking 184 guests today.

Pencil in July 13th for the CHUBS AT THE TUBS: SUMMER EDITION.


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