CHUBS AT THE TUBS this Sunday, FEB 1 @ Spa Excess + Coupon

Come out to Spa Excess on Sunday, February 1st for our next CHUBS AT THE TUBS event, which ironically will once again be on Super Bowl Sunday.  At last year’s Super Bowl Edition of Chubs at the Tubs, we had the highest amount of people in attendance, let’s break our record this Sunday.

Chubs-at-the-Tubs 2015Chubs at the Tubs is a celebration of big gay men and their admirers!!!  We are proud to be one of the few chub events in Canada. Because of this, we draw in hot guys from not just Canada, but the U.S. and even some from as far as Europe and South America. Come out and get some brotherly love with an international flavor.

In 2014, we had four Chubs at the Tubs events, one for each season. As with all things chub, more is better, so because of its popularity, we are happy to announce that in 2015, we will be having a total of six events! Thanks to all of you who have made the event such a success. Happy tubbing!

This Sunday, February 1st, we will be giving away two run packages forTBRU20, aka Texas Bear Round Up, which takes place in Dallas from March 12-15. We also have free year subscriptions to, various products by FuckWater, so come down for your chance to win these wonderful prizes.

Also, we will be having a Best Belly Contest and HeftyNet will be donating the winning prizes of a one-year (first prize), 6-month (second prize), and 3-month (third prize) subscription to this great website. So come on down and join all the fun!

Click in the link below to download the coupon for 50% off lockers:

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