Whip It Leather at Leather N’ Kink

Argentinian company Whip It Leather donates great prize for next Leather N’ Kink.

leather [2]We are very proud to announce that Whip It Leather has kindly donated a pair of comfortable leather shorts made with high quality genuine leather, features zippered front panel and a zip in the back. Also features belt loops at the waist, slim fitted with back pockets. It is a size 32 and is valued at $170. It will be given away at this Thursday’s Leather N Kink (May 7) at Spa Excess!

Whip It Leather was created to dress that massive ego of yours, emphasizing your masculine monumentality, through their superior quality products. Their products are made with only the best materials available worldwide, such as Argentinean leather.

For more info about their fabulous leather products, check out their website at http://bit.ly/1EOlhki

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