Bears in Excess this Sunday, Jul 19 @ Spa Excess

Toronto is the proud host of this year’s Pan Am Games, so we will be having our own version of the games, but BEARS IN EXCESS style. Come and participate or be a spectator. Either way, at our games, everyone’s a winner!

pitbull hot n heavyWe are happy to give away two tickets to Pitbull – Hot N’ Heavy @ Fly2.0 on July 31st and a $20 gift certificate to 120 Diner .

The next two CHUBS AT THE TUBS are both held on long weekends, so we are announcing them in advance so those of you who come from outside of the GTA can mark your calendars and have no excuse to miss it. Sunday, August 2nd is Simcoe Day Weekend. We will be celebrating with a BBQ on the patio.

A big thanks goes out to our friend, and Instagram star, Woofioso (from Spain) for making a photo specially for our event.

Then on the long Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, Sunday, October 11th (which coincides with the American Columbus Day) we will be celebrating with another Chubs at the Tubs. Hope to see you there.

Another big thanks goes out to StayzDemonz (from Greece) for letting us use his photo in the poster. Don’t forget to download our coupons for lockers and come have fun with us in for our next three events.

See you there!


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