A visit from HiBearNation

Our friend Matt came all the way from St. Louis for CHUBS AT THE TUBS.

Photo 2016-03-27, 8 10 04 PMHe was here to invite the bears, chubs, and admirers of Canada to attend the great Hibearnation, from Nov 3 to 6, in St. Louis, Missouri. We will be there!

Hundreds of men from around the country and the world descend on our fair city for 4 days of laid back fun, parties, dinners, drinks and more (yes, even dancing!) as we celebrate bear culture and raise money for regional charities in the process.

Your run pass includes:

  • Custom HBN 22 Quest For A New Home Run T-Shirt
  • Transportation to all events
  • VIP Access to JJ’s Clubhouse
  • Thursday night welcome party
  • Friday night dinner
  • Sunday brunch
  • After hours parties at the host hotel
  • Access to the vendor mart
  • Nationally recognized bear DJ
  • Casino games event
  • Newly Renovated Host Hotel featuring an indoor pool

More information can be found at http:/hibearnation.org

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