Welcome to the first Bears in Excess of 2018!

This Sunday, Jan 21, 1 to 6pm, @ Spa Excess, in Toronto.

We gave away two tickets to see “My Funny Valentine” at Buddies at Bad Times theatre. “My Funny Valentine” takes place in February 2008, and tells the story of a fifteen-year-old boy who asks another boy in his class to be his valentine. The next day, that boy shot and killed him during the first period.  

So take advantage of the perks of receiving our newsletter and you too can win some great prizes outside of our event as well as receiving reminders when our event will be.


Some of the great prizes we will be giving away on Sunday, January 21st:

  • Gay Bear Artisan Bracelet. Handcrafted in Ontario by HC Chainmail Jewelry. It is valued at $54;
  • $25 gift certificate from Church Aperitivo Bar (1090 Queen St W.) and The Craft Brasserie & Grille (107 Atlantic Ave) respectively;
  • FuckWater Lube.

Don’t miss our first Chubs at the Tubs on Sunday, February 4th which coincides with the Super Bowl, when we will be having specially made drinks based on the team colors. 

See you there,


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