Mr. Ottawa Bear 2020 Weekend

On the Jan. 24-26 weekend, we had a great opportunity to promote Bears in Excess in Ottawa as Eric was a judge at Mr. Ottawa Bears 2020 weekend.

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At the competition, we took part in the Meet the Meat, a Sweet Bear Desserts gathering, Wet Paws Pool Party, and not one, but two brunches. We met a lot of bears from all over Ontario, as well as a few Americans from New York and Illinois.

There were 3 contestants (Blue, Dori and Benoit), and two other judges (Francis and Steven) this year. Congratulations to Dori on winning the title of Mr. Ottawa Bear 2020.

A lot of money was raised for Capital Rainbow Refuge, which helps LGBT refugees escape persecution and find a better life in Canada.

MistR Bear, a Montreal-based clothing brand and store catering to the bear, leather, and pup communities, had a table selling their products.

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