Paul Middleton does A-ha

The British pop singer Paul Middleton has just released his version of “Take On Me”, by A-ha which also includes a music video.

About the new release, Paul said:

When I pick songs to cover, sometimes it is a lyric or a vibe. I have sung this song since I was 20 and for me it’s my favourite 80s song. The lyrics jumped out at me because lockdown has been a bit suckey (not sure if that’s a word) and I’m sure we all are having tough moments. The lyrics in the chorus just made me think of overcoming my own challenges with mental health. Even acknowledging and facing them is a win and a first important step. I heard this dual monologue in my head with the lyrics eventually ending with “I’ll be gone in a day or two”. It’s not as simple as that but I just thought this was right to release now. Thank you for all your incredible support so far. Keep listening and streaming. ❤️😘 – Paul

Watch the video below!

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We had a great chat with Paul last year. Watch our interview!!

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