Goodbye Doug Langway

We’re very sad about the passing of our friend Doug Langway. Doug was a writer and film director becoming famous in the bear and lgbtq2s+ community for his trilogy BearCity.

Doug signing posters of BearCity 3 at Chubs at the Tubs in December 2016

He passed away around 3:45p.m. on October 9th, 2022, after a brief and brutal battle with liver cancer.

Our deepest condolences to his husband Joseph Chapman, family, and friends.

We had a good friendship with Doug. He has attended our events here in Toronto and we co-presented the Toronto premieres of BearCity 2 in 2012 and BearCity 3 in 2016. For sure he will be very missed but never forgotten. RIP Doug!

BearCity is a trilogy of romantic comedies set in NYC’s Bear world of big, hairy, gay guys! • “Warm, funny, thoughtful… a hirsute Sex and the City.”–The New York Times • 9 TIME JURY & AUDIENCE AWARD **WINNER** for Best Picture, Best Screenplay & Best Actor. •

Toronto premiere of BearCity 3 in 2016

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