11K Hell Yeahs on our Instagram!

➡️Check out @bearsinexcess on Instagram! Join our more than 11.000 followers! ✅Pics used with the consent of our followers! 😍Want to be featured? • #HellYeahInExcess #bearsinexcess #ChubsAtTheTubs #bears #bearevents #picsbybears #picsbychubs #beard #thebearmag #menbears #instabear #instachub #bearwoof #chubsofinstagram #bearsofinstagram  

We got buttons!

We all know that Bears in Excess and Chubs at the Tubs are great events to get a piece. Well, now you can take a piece of these fun times home (and you don't even have to feed them!)  We have taken our great new logos and had them made into great buttons. They are a part... Continue Reading →

Beards as art

Meet Lessandro Barbosa, his latest work with beards has been getting a lot of attention online lately. Brazilian artist born in 1995, now living in USA, he has loved all kinds of art since he was a kid, so nowadays he does many kinds or art in differents forms. He is self-taught, and is trying... Continue Reading →

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