Bears in Excess this Sunday, Nov 15 at Spa Excess

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Join us for our monthly BEARS IN EXCESS on Sunday, November 15th when the bears take over Spa Excess in beautiful downtown Toronto.

Ironically, it is the same day when Santa Claus will be passing through Toronto for the Santa Clause parade, and we received word from the North Pole that Jolly Old St Nick might drop by. After a long day with the crowds, he will need to get away and relax with the bears. You might find him relaxing in the 12-man jacuzzi, sitting in the dry or wet sauna or maybe enjoying a refreshing drink at the fully licensed bar. He knows if you have been naughty or nice, but be ready: he just might ask you to prove it.

We have some gift certificates to give away from Bearwww and Hartzak (

We recently gave away some tickets to see the play HEART OF THE STORM at the Red Sandcastle

Theatre (Nov 11 to 15) on Queen Street, so make sure to Like our Facebook page and you can have chances to win prizes that take place around the city between our events. And while we are talking about Facebook, don’t forget to go to our Facebook page and let people know you will be attending.

50% off coupons for lockers at

See you there!


Model: Alien Albear

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