Life drawing at next Chubs at the Tubs

Practicing for next Sunday’s life drawing session with Joe and Maxim.

Come down to Spa Excess for Chubs at the Tubs between 1-6pm, Life Drawing will start at 2pm.

No experience needed

We at Chubs at the Tubs have always known that big is beautiful and that bodies with luscious curves are works of art themselves.

So come down to our next event on April 30, from 1 to 6 pm, at Spa Excess, in Toronto, to take part in our first life drawing class. You can either show off what you’ve got as a model or try your hand at bringing one of your fellow attendees to life on paper. The session lasts from 2 to 3 pm. It’s easy and fun and open to everyone. No experience required.

Regular entrance fees apply, check out If you have any questions, please feel free to email


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  1. Wayne says:

    Hi my name is Wayne love chubby chaser of fat guy bellies

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