Bears in Excess – Sunday, May 20 at Spa Excess

Great news! this Sunday, May 20th, from 1 to 6 pm, at Spa Excess (105 Carlton St.) it will be the first Bearbq of the season, so come up to the outdoor sundeck with your appetites.

Also, we have some wonderful prizes to give away, such as:

  • An XL t-shirt during the latest Bear Pride design from The Bearly Brand(valued at $24.95);
Sfé R. Monster
    • Aautographed copy of Sfé R. Monster and Taneka Stotts, “Beyond II: The Queer Post-Apocalyptic & Urban Fantasy Comic Anthology.”(Valued at $30), by Beyond Press;
Tony Breed
  • An autographed copy of Volume 1 of Tony Breed’s “Muddler’s Beat cartoons: Literally Everything is Outside My Comfort Zone.” (Valued at $15), by Mega Hugs Press.

Let people know you are going to our events. Check our Facebook Page and group, follow us on Twitter (@bearsinexcess  @chubsatthetubs) and Instagram (@BearsinExcess). 

See you there,


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