Bears in Excess: Sunday, Nov 17 @ Spa Excess

Come and join us at BEARS IN EXCESS on Sunday, November 17th when the bears take over Spa Excess, Toronto’s largest and best bathhouse, once again. For those of you who have never been to Spa Excess, it caters to men looking for state of the art facilities, a fully licensed bar, and 24-hour access. Where else can you... Continue Reading →

Bears in Excess / Chubs at the Tubs – Calendar 2020

Our events for 2020 at Spa Excess, in Toronto, Canada, and Magnum Sauna, in Budapest, Hungary. Bears in Excess: January 19 February 16 March 15 April 19 May 17 June 21 (Pride) July 19 August 16 August 29 (Budapest Edition at Magnum Sauna in Hungary) September 20 October 18 November 15 December 20 Chubs at... Continue Reading →

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