Benjamin Koll as Perfected in a special album

Benjamin Koll comes out as Perfected on this special event album featuring all new remixes of singles by himself, Jose Spinnin Cortes, Luis Erre & Paris Aguilar, and presenting the brand-new song "Do It Again", a very uplifting classic house anthem that sets the mood just right for the listening experience of this record. It features a compilation of previous Perfected tracks reimagined and... Continue Reading →

Great prizes given away at May’s Bears in Excess

We'd like to thank our guests, partners, volunteers, and Spa Excess, for another great event. Al won an autographed copy of Sfé R. Monster and Taneka Stotts, “Beyond II: The Queer Post-Apocalyptic & Urban Fantasy Comic Anthology.” (Valued at $30), on May 20th. Eric from Ottawa wins Tony Breed’s “Literally Everything is Outside My Comfort Zone.”... Continue Reading →

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