Benjamin Koll as Perfected in a special album

Benjamin Koll comes out as Perfected on this special event album featuring all new remixes of singles by himself, Jose Spinnin Cortes, Luis Erre & Paris Aguilar, and presenting the brand-new song “Do It Again”, a very uplifting classic house anthem that sets the mood just right for the listening experience of this record. It features a compilation of previous Perfected tracks reimagined and enhanced for a better listening experience. This album perfectly evokes that big club vibe and brings it back to your own home.

“We are living unprecedented times, and every now and then we need something to remind us that we need to push forward and pick ourselves up. Once in a Lifetime is exactly that: an ode to piano house and disco vibes, an invitation to celebrate life. It’s one of those albums you play at home to dance like nobody is watching and a reminder that even in tough times, light will always overcome the dark.” – says Koll.

Here’s the music video for “Do It Again” directed and edited by Benjamin Koll featuring guest star Naya Quetzal and camera & sound fx by Jose Spinnin.

We had a great chat with Benjamin Koll for our BEARS in EXCESS Show, Watch it below!

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